Cloud Hosting & Managed Services Consultation

Weidenhammer’s Client-centric Consultative Process

Whether you’re taking your first step as a company toward a dedicated cloud-hosted solution or have been operating on the cloud for years, the team at Weidenhammer can lead you on the path to success, starting with a professional consultation for your business.

Your initial consultation allows us to identify areas of opportunity while educating you about what goes into the most successful and effective cloud hosting solutions. In addition, we’re able to take you through each stage of our process before making any implementations, ensuring you know what you need to know to be confident you’re getting a solution that will help you meet your needs and goals.

With Weidenhammer, you’re not alone. You have a team of certified experts working with you from day one on a solution that’s fit for your business.

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Weidenhammer Cloud Consultation Process Outline

Cloud Consultation | WeidenhammerUnderstand your business objectives – Our experts take the time to review and understand your objectives and challenges, accounting for them in your custom cloud solution.

Analyze and measure existing IT environment – We review your existing IT environment, if one is present, to uncover errors, issues, and potential areas of opportunity that will improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Process collected data – We process the data collected to identify the best possible solutions for your company.

Validate findings and alignment to objectives – We confirm our findings to ensure that our recommendations will achieve your goals.

Design custom solution – Your Solutions Consultant will work with an in-house Pre-Sales Engineer to design your custom solution.

Present and collaborate to fine-tune solution – We present and review your solution with you and your team to finalize and perfect it.

What You Get With Your Initial Consultation

Before we develop your custom cloud solution, we first take the time to understand your business. We want to know what you do, how you do it, and the challenges you’re facing as a company. We’ll also review what your goals are for your hosting environment and how you’re currently interacting, both internally with your team and externally with your clients and partners.

If you already have an existing infrastructure, we’ll analyze your current environment. It’s during this stage that we often uncover additional issues you may or may not have known about. This analysis will also help us determine the proper sizing for your environment.

Because every business has different needs, during your consultation, we’ll look at the different types of hosting we can provide. In some cases, a company may benefit from an off-premises solution, while other businesses stand to gain more from a hosting solution offered by one of our own data centers. Whatever the outcome, you can trust that our professionals will present you with the solutions you need, tailored specifically for your company.

Have Concerns About Compliance?

At Weidenhammer, we understand that every industry has different rules and regulations that must be followed to meet compliance. With a diverse client profile, we’re thoroughly aware of these laws and restrictions and will work to ensure your custom solution meets or exceeds all of them.

From high-availability to your own private server, we can work out a solution that allows you to rest easy with the confidence that your company is completely in compliance with industry-specific regulations, protecting the private data of both your clients and your employees.

From Consultation To Cloud-based Solution

In addition to cloud hosting, we also provide an array of managed services, including colocation, managed colocation, and SaaS solutions such as Office 365. We can even provide infrastructure as a service and fully managed hosting. Our initial consultation allows us to identify these opportunities and present them to you for review, allowing you to decide for yourself, with all the advantages and considerations presented in way that’s easy to follow and comprehend.

In fact, throughout the consultative process, you’re working with the same Solutions Consultant and Pre-Sales Engineer from start to finish. The experts working on your solution will take the time to educate you on current cloud offerings, correct any misunderstandings you may have, and present information in a way that’s ready to review with your team.

How To Get A Free Cloud Solutions Consultation

While competitors may charge clients for their consultation, there’s no charge for an initial consultation with Weidenhammer. Many clients are surprised by how effortless the process is. Once it’s completed, we’ll propose a solution and review it with you and your team to better tune it to your company’s specific needs. Once we’ve done that, the final decision to move forward is up to you.

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