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Answers To Frequently Asked Questions About The Cloud

Cloud FAQ | WeidenhammerWhen it comes to understanding cloud technology, even the basics can be intimidating at first.

It comes as no surprise that, as a premier provider of cloud hosting solutions and managed services, we get a ton of great questions from interested clients wanting to learn more about the cloud and the countless ways it can better their businesses.

To save you time, we’ve had our experts answer some of the most frequently asked questions about cloud technology and Weidenhammer’s custom cloud solutions.

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Questions About Cloud Hosting

What Is The Cloud?

To understand the definition of “the cloud,” one must first understand the basics of cloud computing. Merriam-Webster defines “cloud computing” as “the practice of storing regularly used computer data on multiple servers that can be accessed through the Internet.”

The cloud is made up of the computers and connections that support such an infrastructure. Businesses can leverage the cloud for countless applications, including file storage, web hosting, and backup and recovery.

What’s A Private Cloud?

A private cloud is “is a dedicated cloud infrastructure… custom-engineered solely for the needs of a single business or enterprise. Companies often rely on private cloud computing solutions when security, compliance, and privacy are an absolute priority.”

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What’s A Public Cloud?

A public cloud is “an enterprise-level, multi-tenant cloud… typically owned and managed by a third party… Companies who make the move to a public cloud often do so seeking benefits such as power and cost savings, 24/7 monitoring, enhanced security, and experienced technical support.”

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What Is The Difference Between Private Cloud And Public Cloud?

A private cloud is built for the sole use of a single entity. Everything about the compute/storage/networking environment is built to serve one. The public cloud, in our case, is really multi-tenant or shared on physical assets of the network.

Is Security Compromised On The Public Cloud?

No, it is not. Logical segmentation, dedicated operating systems, and databases can still exist in a public platform design. It can be the most economical approach to cloud computing and truly fits the “pay for what you need and use” model, whereas private is building an environment that needs to have growth considerations in the design.

That said, a private cloud still provides the most secure environment of all. Many clients work with a data center provider to obtain the amenities of a data center facility and architect a highly available, robust compute platform.

What’s A Hybrid Cloud?

A hybrid cloud “leverages private cloud and public cloud services together in a single hosting solution.”

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What Are The Differences Between Cabinets And A Caged Space?

Cage space is most often applied to larger colocation client requirements. For example, many cabinets might be caged off from other cabinets in the data center for added security.

What Is A Cross Connect Fee?

Cross connects are physical connections needed to connect two networks. In the data center situation this is a connection from the carrier(s) network, or demarcation in the data center, extended out to your network in the data center. It connects your application/storage network to the telecommunications circuits.

Questions About Weidenhammer Services & Solutions

What Tier Designation Are Your Data Centers Designed To Meet?

All of our data center locations are Tier 3-rated, providing redundancies that support 100% network uptime, power, cooling, and security systems.

Do You Support Colocation?

Yes, we do. Colocation offers clients the opportunity to leverage data center amenities without having to build their own. If your business needs the capabilities of a Tier 3 or Tier 4 data center, colocation might be right for you. Our offering includes some administration and smart hands support for the client wanting to use our space.

Where Are Your Data Centers Located?

Weidenhammer data centers are located in:

  • Reading, PA
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Chandler, AZ
Is Your Customer Support Based In The U.S.?

Yes. Our customer support team is a U.S.-based, in-house staff.

Does Weidenhammer Provide Migration Services?

Yes. We can handle your migration into our data center.

What Certifications Does Weidenhammer Have?

Weidenhammer certifications include:

  • SSAE 16 Type II
  • SOC 1&2
  • PCI DSS Compliance

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What Operating Systems And Databases Does Weidenhammer Support?

Weidenhammer supports the following operating systems and databases:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Linux (CentOS, Red Hat)
  • MySQL
Do You Offer A Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

Yes. We provide a SLA on our managed public and private server environments.

How Is Monitoring Performed On Manged Equipment In The Data Center?

We monitor our equipment 24 hours per day, seven days a week. Our service desk also monitors the state of performance and critical service health on all managed systems.

Can I Install My Own Software On A Hosted Server?

Yes. All servers are dedicated for client’s use, so there is no sharing of operating systems. Application installs are unrestricted and root/admin level is provided on all systems.

Can Weidenhammer Host Our Public DNS?

Yes. We offer a highly available and scalable managed DNS service called Route 53 (through AWS). This public DNS service is provided at no additional charge with the exception of enterprise-sized domains. Please contact our sales representatives for more details.

What Options Do I Have If My Application Requirements Changes?

Our engineers are eager to work with you if systems need to be upgraded or you require a migration. We have the capability to perform in-place upgrades or full-application migrations depending on what’s needed. Opening a case with our service desk starts the process of engineering working with you to coordinate what is required to be adjusted on hosted systems.

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