A Customized Cloud Solution Designed Just For You

At Weidenhammer, we engage every customer in a thorough consultative process for the perfect cloud solution. By gaining an extensive understanding of each customer’s business, we are able to provide a custom-engineered solution that meets their business needs now and is scalable for the future.

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Public Cloud

HammerCloud – A Public Cloud Engineered Specifically For Business

Cloud Solutions - Public | WeidenhammerThe HammerCloud solution has been designed strictly for enterprise-level businesses that require secure and dedicated resources. As a result, all configurations are designed to meet each customer’s individual workload needs, both now and as they continue to grow their business.

Weidenhammer’s HammerCloud is a fully-customized, fully managed public cloud solution that gives customers the flexibility they require at a cost they can afford. Unlike other cloud providers, Weidenhammer helps custom engineer the right solution around each clients’ business goals and objectives.

What separates Weidenhammer from other cloud providers is our ability to offer a complete, full-service management solution. This includes installation, configuration and patch management of your operating system and databases, proactive monitoring and backup and restoration services.

Specific Benefits Of Weidenhammer’s HammerCloud Services:

  • Weidenhammer only permits business critical applications in the HammerCloud.
  • HammerCloud delivers high availability by design.
  • The HammerCloud provides the capability to scale vertically as your workloads increase.
  • HammerCloud is based on security best practices.
  • Bandwidth is included and does not vary month-to-month.
  • The HammerCloud is able to handle intense applications and databases that require high IO performance.

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Private Cloud

Cloud Solutions - Private | WeidenhammerWeidenhammer’s private cloud offering is designed for the sole use of an individual business.

A private cloud provides predictable performance, flexibility, and reliability that your growing business demands.

Weidenhammer’s cloud specialists will work with you to develop the perfect private cloud solution based on the specific requirements of your business.

We leverage best-of-breed products and services, ensuring a top quality user experience with your critical business applications.

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Hybrid Cloud

Cloud Solutions - Hybrid | WeidenhammerSometimes you may need an environment that employs both public and private cloud services. Fortunately, Weidenhammer possesses significant expertise in this area as well.

In this day in age, many corporate environments will utilize a hybrid cloud. Weidenhammer’s hybrid cloud combines services and data from a wealth of cloud models and creates a unified, automated, and well-managed environment.

When the time comes to select the proper cloud solution, a one-size fits all approach will not suit the needs for your organization. Therefore, trust Weidenhammer’s cloud experts to find and create the appropriate technology strategy for you.

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Backup / Recovery

Cloud Solutions - Backup / Recovery | WeidenhammerWhile the benefits of the cloud are well touted, a reliable disaster recovery and backup mechanism is no longer an item that you can afford to ignore.

It’s not a question of “if” you will be a victim of a data or systems disruption, it’s a question of “when?”

Fortunately, Weidenhammer is adept at safeguarding your critical business data using a suite of best-in-class backup / recovery solutions.

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Colocation Services

Cloud Solutions - Colocation Services | WeidenhammerYour time should be spent on what you know best—your business.

Let the day-to-day administration of your hosting and application servers to the people who know this area best—Weidenhammer.

Weidenhammer colocation services give your organization the feel of a large and powerful IT department, without the costs. We provide scalable space, power, cooling, and physical security for servers, storage, and networking equipment that will produce the following benefits:

  • Improved availability and efficiency
  • Better operational performance
  • Scalability to meet your needs
  • Detailed reporting
  • Better visibility and accountability

Weidenhammer customers are able to leverage three world-class Tier 3, SSAE16 Type II accredited data centers that are equipped to deliver optimal power, monitoring, security, availability, bandwidth, and connectivity.

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SaaS Offerings


Cloud Solutions - SaaS | WeidenhammerWeidenhammer’s Software-as-a-Service solutions are simple in nature. Our goal is to provide each customer with a thorough and complete array of SaaS needs that are affordable and quick to deploy.

Weidenhammer’s SaaS customers are able to avoid hardware/infrastructure installment and upgrade costs, thereby enabling expenditures to go towards improving their core business. Our SaaS offerings include:

  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Multipoint Security Solutions
  • Email Encryption and Web Defense
  • Email Defense
  • Online Backup and Restore
  • Multi-Device Management
  • Hosted VoIP

Weidenhammer’s SaaS offerings produce many significant advantages, including lower initial costs and seamless upgrades.

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