Online Backup And Recovery Services Protect Your Company’s Most Important Information

Backup & Recovery Services | WeidenhammerWith the move from typewriters and file cabinets to computers and the cloud, it’s never been a better time to be a growing business.

But the benefits of the cloud aren’t just limited to speed and efficiency. There has been monumental growth and development in the way businesses are able to recover from even the most unfortunate and unexpected disasters. With technology, crises that would have been catastrophic but a few decades ago can now be reversed.

With convenient, cost-effective managed backup and recovery services, your company won’t ever need to worry in a worst-case scenario. Better than carbon copies, automated backup allows you to store all of your most important files and data safely in the cloud, making complete recovery an option should you ever have a need for it.

“Do I Really Need Managed Backup And Recovery Services For My Business?”

While we hope you would never need to call upon backup and recovery for your important data, disaster strikes businesses of all sizes and industries much more frequently than you might think.

That’s why we consider backup and recovery to be among the most essential services we offer. Aside from physical disasters, data can become corrupted on even the most advanced servers while viruses can infect even the most secure virtual environments. This is why a cloud-based backup and recovery solution is, to many business owners, an essential investment for any company operating today.

From customer and billing information to employee records and financial data, don’t leave anything to chance. Unless you have automated backup and recovery set up for your business, once those files are gone, they may be gone for good.

Disaster Is Seldom Convenient. Don’t Let It Catch You Off Guard.

In the past, businesses needed to keep all of their records printed and stored in a physical archive. If something ever happened to those archives, you would be out of luck—that is, unless you spared no expense to ensure you’d made duplicates of everything, stored in a separate location.

Now that we’re in the digital age, you should never have to worry about your files and data. Not only can your business operate faster and more effectively—cloud solutions allow you effortlessly back up and recover your company’s most valuable files.

With the help of Weidenhammer backup and recovery, you’ll never have to fret over worst-case scenarios when it comes to your records, because bringing them back is finally a possibility.

Rest Easy With Weidenhammer Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service

Our affordable, scalable application and data replication services are entirely managed by Weidenhammer. In combination with our data centers and platforms, our engineers build innovative DR solutions using Veeam software and technology.

With Weidenhammer managed backup and recovery services, we handle the heavy lifting so you can focus on what’s really important—running a successful business.


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