HammerCloud: Dependable Public Cloud Services For Your Business

Public Cloud Solutions | WeidenhammerWeidenhammer’s public cloud—known as the HammerCloud—is a signature offering that’s built from the ground up, featuring enterprise hardware, designed to achieve incredible speed and capacity.

The HammerCloud is a public cloud solution that is strictly designed for business-critical applications that require secure and dedicated resources. We assure you that you will not see any gaming servers or unwanted attention. This keeps your data safe from many of the risk factors found in standard public cloud servers, adding another layer of protection and assurance to your IT profile.

What Is A “Public Cloud?”

Public cloud solutions are an enterprise-level, multi-tenant cloud that’s typically owned and managed by a third party. Public cloud hosting is frequently used by businesses as an environment for more basic cloud applications, but solutions can also be engineered for PCI and HIPAA standards. Companies who make the move to a public cloud often do so seeking benefits such as power and cost savings, 24/7 monitoring, enhanced security, and experienced technical support.

The Benefits Of Professionally Managed Public Cloud Services

In addition to a lower initial and overall cost, employing the service of a managed public cloud provider will net your organization a competitive advantage. Your company will enjoy benefits that include greater security and better business continuity, greater agility and standardization, and the ability to shift costs from capital to operational expenses.

Cost reductions may include overall savings on labor, license purchasing, maintenance, technical support, user support, and even the hosting itself. This will also free up your own labor force to focus on growing your business even further, allowing you to optimize how you manage your internal resources.

The best public cloud solutions—solutions like HammerCloud—quickly become a cornerstone in the operations of the most successful businesses. It’s time to take action and incorporate the public cloud into yours.

When Is A Public Cloud Solution Right For Your Business?

Step back for a second and consider why your company needs a public cloud hosting solution. Maybe you’re a startup just getting off the ground, or perhaps you’ve experienced issues with your current hosting provider and are ready to move on to a more reliable and proven alternative.

Even if you’re still not sure about the cloud solution you need, our experts are readily available to provide your business with a consultation to get your company moving in the right direction. Just contact us, and we’ll reach out to you promptly, offering solutions and suggestions that account for all of the concerns your business needs to address when making the leap to the public cloud.

Have Weidenhammer Manage Your Public Cloud Solution

The cloud hosting experts here at Weidenhammer are eager to work with your business to develop a public cloud solution that’s perfectly suited to your business and industry. We take great pride and passion in providing our clients with the best hosting service available at a very reasonable cost.

It’s our mission to set you up with a public cloud environment the way you want it. Once you’re a Weidenhammer client, you’ll be granted 24/7 access to our proactive support team—a team of experts who will monitor and respond to alerts within your cloud environment, troubleshooting and optimizing whenever necessary to create a truly reliable managed cloud solution.

Contact us or call 866.497.2227 to get the ball rolling on the perfect public cloud hosting solution for your company.