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SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) | WeidenhammerSaaS (Software-as-a-Service) is changing the way companies do business, making it easier than ever to run a secure, user-friendly operation while staying cognizant of cost and efficiency. While there are many benefits and advantages to a custom SaaS solution, few professionals realize just how many options are out there.

These are just a few of the many SaaS solutions we’re able to provide our clients:

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Microsoft Office 365

When your company depends on Office 365 for email and the full suite of Microsoft Office programs for everything else, moving these services to the cloud can help improve business continuity through off-site backups, all while protecting against viruses and malware though enhanced security services.

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Multipoint Security Solutions

Security is now, more than ever, among the top concerns for businesses operating online. At Weidenhammer, we’re completely aware of the significance security holds for the continued operation of any business in any industry. This is why we always look at security as a top priority for all our custom cloud and SaaS solutions.

How do we do it? We develop an impenetrable defense for all of your SaaS needs, including email encryption and web defense, email defense, online backup and restore, and mobile device management. Our aim? To provide our clients with the best defense available against both internal and external threats.

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Email Encryption & Web Defense

Protect your company’s private information while maintaining control over unwarranted workplace Internet access with Weidenhammer email encryption and web defense solutions. Benefits include increased network capacity, limited corporate liability, employee fraud protection, and lower IT costs through the removal and elimination of malware.

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Email Defense

Don’t leave your organization exposed and vulnerable to spam, viruses, worms, and phishing attacks. A Weidenhammer email defense solution can defend your company against otherwise crippling cyber assaults. We use the most advanced threat protection in the industry to keep threats outside of your network, freeing up IT resources, reducing costs, and giving you the 24/7 protection you need to be confident your business can operate safely online.

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Online Backup & Restore

Effortlessly back up (and recover) your company’s most important files with an automated backup and recovery solution from Weidenhammer. Your information will be secure on the cloud, allowing you to restore most—if not all—of what would otherwise be lost in a worst-case scenario. We provide cloud-based backup and restore solutions for nearly every commercial application, including QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics, and more.

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Multi-Device Management

You’ll be able to manage users, devices—even documents and applications—across an equally wide range of devices, making it easier than ever to stay involved with your business, no matter where you are in the world. As always, we at Weidenhammer make security a priority, ensuring your corporate data is secure and that your organization meets all compliance requirements.

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Hosted VoIP

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solutions from Weidenhammer are cost-effective, saving your company both time and money while making client and internal correspondence easier than ever. Our engineers are prepared to manage all aspects of design, implementation, and support for your company’s hosted VoIP solution. Take advantage of our expertise in security, network management, collaboration, video, and more.

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Hosted Messaging & Collaboration

With no software or hardware to purchase, fast deployment, and administration that’s just as easy, your custom hosted messaging and collaboration solution will revolutionize the way you engage both your peers and customers. With the right hosted messaging and collaboration solution, many businesses even notice increased employee productivity.

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