Protect Your Company’s Email With Weidenhammer Email Defense Solutions

Email Defense | WeidenhammerWhen your company operates online, email tends to be a core facet to the way you manage internal and external communications. Depending on your number of employees, hundreds—even thousands—of emails may be sent and received by your company every day. Regardless of volume, it’s essential that you have a strong email defense solution in place to ensure your company remains productive and your email safe and secure.

At Weidenhammer, we understand the importance of a strong email defense solution, working with clients in every industry to ensure their inbox is protected from malicious attacks that could crush even the largest corporations.

Your Front-line Defense Against Spam, Viruses, Malware, Worms, And Phishing Attacks

While unfiltered spam is often little more than annoyance, it’s not always so benign. Spam is often used to spread computer viruses, to phish (or defraud) users for personal information, and even hijack your computer with ransomware.

In addition to spam mail, businesses are often concerned about worms and other dangerous malware that can bring a company to its knees if the proper security measures aren’t taken.

To prevent such a catastrophe, Weidenhammer employs threat protection practices that are among the most sophisticated in the industry, designed to keep outside threats outside of your infrastructure, substantially reducing the risk of invasion and infection.

What About Anti-Virus?

Reputable anti-virus is always recommended as a last line of defense against web and email threats, including phishing attacks and malware. However, a properly developed and implemented email defense solution such as the one you get with Weidenhammer works to prevent these threats from ever reaching your network.

In addition, when you turn to a reputable cloud-based solutions provider like Weidenhammer, email defense also includes disaster recovery, 24/7 monitoring, and dependable backup solutions that allow you to rest easy knowing that your company email is always secure, protected from the threat of unwanted attacks.

Weidenhammer Protects Your Inbox From Cyber Threats

Choosing Weidenhammer for an email defense solution will allow you to free up IT resources and reduce the costs associated with keeping criminals out of your inbox. Our experts provide around-the-clock protection for your company’s email, creating and implementing an email filtering policy setting that keeps every user’s inbox safe from external threats.

Of course, in a worst-case scenario, our backup and recovery services can help you restore lost information to a prior state, allowing you to pick up where you left off before disaster struck.

When you call upon Weidenhammer to develop and support an email defense solution, you’re getting experience, knowledge, and a dedication to keeping your most vital correspondence completely safe from even the most unexpected modern-day threats.

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