Protect Your Company And Your Clients’ Privacy With Email Encryption

Email Encryption | WeidenhammerMost businesses operating today depend heavily on email to communicate not only with clients, but with internal teams as well. Email is frequently used to relay important, sensitive data, including but not limited to invoices, paystubs, bills, and other personal information that should ideally remain confidential.

But email isn’t always as secure as we’d like to think. Unencrypted email can be intercepted by crooks and competitors, leaving your company at risk for serious legal and financial repercussions. Fortunately, security measures and the technology behind them have improved over the years, allowing for email encryption that works to preserve the integrity of your online communications, both internally and externally.

What Is Email Encryption?

Email encryption is a means for protecting email messages from being read by external parties outside of the intended recipient(s). Even if someone were to intercept an encrypted email, they would not be able to read it, because the data requires a complicated encryption key to be viewed.

Since the earliest days of the Internet, email has been a popular means of sending messages online. Without email encryption, anyone can read a sent message. With email encryption, the personal information an email contains is secure and protected.

What Are The Benefits Of Email Encryption?

No matter what your industry may be, from healthcare to retail, your company only stands to benefit from the advantages offered by encrypted email. There’s no such thing as “too small” for email security, because even the smallest businesses use email to communicate sensitive information among employees and clients.

In many cases, email encryption can be automated, meaning there should be no need for additional training for your employees in order to take advantage of its benefits. Setup is managed by our team here at Weidenhammer, so there’s no need to worry about complicated configurations, which will also reduce IT costs on your end.

What is perhaps the most important consideration is compliance. As you may already know, some industries are required by law to encrypt email. With an email encryption solution from Weidenhammer, you’re eliminating the risk of falling out of compliance with the regulations applicable to your specific industry.

Is Email Encryption Expensive?

Compared to the costs associated with breaking compliance laws or having critical information intercepted by criminals or competitors, email encryption is by far the more affordable (and typically preferred) option. That aside, email encryption is still quite affordable and is one of the most highly recommended security measures that can be implimented by any business operating online.

Weidenhammer Makes Email Encryption Easy

At Weidenhammer, we’re focused on providing the right solution for your business. We can ensure you’re in compliance with the laws and regulations applicable to your industry, including PCI DSS and HIPAA. Whether you’re a small business with just a few employees or a major company with multiple locations throughout the country, we can help with your email encryption solution.

Contact us or call 866.497.2227 to learn more about how you can use email encryption to protect your business and clients.